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Celebrating our 3 years of success

Celebrating our 3 years of success

Today marks App Masters’ third anniversary, besides not being the loveliest time to celebrate it definitely calls for a virtual celebration or a post-confinement gathering.

A few words from the founder

Today, the company is led by the CEO, Tiago Gouvêa who got involved in the business at a very young age and since then has maintained his drive to push the business to new heights.

“It still seems unreal that three years ago on that day I started App Masters. It was an initial idea that kept growing and growing in my mind … I went to my friend Gustavo Oliveira to ask for advice who said “man, this is going to be a lot of work, a lot of people management”. The idea was really too big and I decided to “reset” my canvas. I did the leanest thing I could, presented it to Walbet Júnior who said “I want to be your partner”. Then it all started. During these three years, like almost any company in Brazil, we have gone through ups and downs, but here we are, firm, strong and growing! I learned that what matters most in business is people. The ones that work with us, and for which we work.” Tiago Gouvêa

Tiago’s experience with Software Development started 20 years ago at age 17 only. In 2008, he founded Aprimorar, a startup aiming at resolving communication issues inside large companies. He then founded «Monitorar” a company developing truck tracking system. During the past five years, Tiago acted as a community manager representing a Google Developers Group in Juiz de Fora who organize more than hundred of events related to programming, new technologies, mobile, and cloud. He also takes part in the Municipal Council for Economic Development, Technology and Innovation as a Technology counselor.

Tiago wears many hats and three years ago, he decided to add a new one by founding App Masters.


The past three years were full of important achievements and brilliant outcomes for the company. Mentioning them all would not fit in the size of an article but we are proud to share a few of our highlights.


Development of an app that reached top three on health category


Starting to work with international clients


Working closely with the Canadian company Perimeter

Our vision for 2020

We initiated this new decade with a new vision and new objectives. Initially working with national and international clients, we decided to shift our strategy and only focus on international clients from now on. We believe that our technical expertise and our language capacities are of great value. Hence why since the beginning of the year we have been working on a rebranding and are generating a lot of new content to be shared.

While taking a look at the years back, an important aspect that we noticed is how great our employees are. They are the reason behind our success and we want to value them. Early on this year, Baraky, a talented developer who joined the team as an employee a few years ago became a business partner.

“Right after I graduated, App Masters caught my attention with its unique hiring process that made everyone learn useful knowledge from the first second. During this process, they believed in my potential. This happened once again a few years later when I was offered to become a partner in the company. I am very proud to be part of this team I believe in it in the same way it believes in me.” Baraky

Challenging times

Like the rest of the world, we were planning exciting things for 2020 until the COVID19 pandemic outbreak. This situation has brought a lot of uncertainty and has created devastating consequences for a large number of people. Luckily, as our job can easily be done remotely, our first step was to make sure our team is safe and can continue its tasks from home. Unexpectedly, two new projects have arisen during this crisis, these projects are lead by the_.

The first one aims at creating a consolidated data warehouse gathering the availability of beds, patients, medical staff, suspected cases, private/public hospitals.

The second one is a software that will be used to guarantee food and other essential things to vulnerable families, people that are on the poverty line, people that lost their jobs recently. The beneficiary should be registered in one of many government programs to be able to receive that support.

Our whole team is working from home and is more motivated than ever to work on such exciting and meaningful projects. A few weeks ago, we would have never expected to be able to help our state from the comfort of our home. But here we are, proving again that adaptability and agility is a key component of a successful company. It is in our belief that the private and public sphere have to join hands during this crisis to bring innovative solutions that will benefit all and we are happy to be part of this partnership.

It is currently hard to predict what the rest of 2020 holds, but one thing is sure, we will keep aiming high, we will continue to work hard, we will use this time to learn more about technology but most importantly we will continue having fun with the team (virtually for the time being.)

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