We are not only a team, we are your team!

Think of us as an extension of your team, using our experience to create results that exceed your expectations. We are flexible, agile and committed to your success.

Over the years, we have focused on attracting top talent from our region with the purpose of being a pioneer in our field by creating a community of developers. We believe that our success lies on the happy and fun work environment that we provide. This attracts the most motivated professionals and continuously enhances the learning, creativity and productivity of each one of us.


Foto do autor Walbet Vianna

Walbet Vianna

Walbet Vianna is a partner in several highly recognized companies in Brazil, he has been an entrepreneur and investor for over 10 years in the areas of education, technology, and health.

I joined Tiago at App Masters, because from the beginning, I realized the great business potential in serving customers and delivering solid solutions. We are a team willing to learn, collaboratively share learning, and constantly stimulating the creative search for solutions. The focus on the client and the constant partnership makes App Masters a company with great differential.

Foto do autor Tiago Gouvêa

Tiago Gouvêa

Dedicated software development leader with 20 years of experience in dealing with dozens of projects in diverse industries, Tiago has acquired throughout his career great knowledge in solving problems using the right technologies and has developed tremendous skills in teaching programming.


The company was created in order to support other companies grow using software and technology. Since the beginning, we decided to work only on few projects simultaneously so we could give a maximum focus to each one and deliver the best solution to our clients. The good part of any project is to see that the final result is used by many users around the world and make everyone's life easier.

It still seems unreal that three years ago on that day I started App Masters. It was an initial idea that kept growing and growing in my mind. During these three years, like almost any company in Brazil, we have gone through ups and downs, but here we are, firm, strong and growing! I learned that what matters most in business is people. The ones that work with us, and for which we work.

- An excerpt of Celebrating our 3 years of success.


  • Small size team

    Having a small team of developers that are very used to working with each other increases the efficiency of the work since each one knows who is best fitted for each type of work, as well as what to expect in terms of pace from everyone. The agility to experiment and adapt to the needs of the project is what most big outsourcing companies lack. As a small team, it is far easier to implement new techs and workflows. It also makes us easier to deal with as we could rapidly adjust our way of working to adapt to our clients need. Our communication flow is also much smoother and our connections with one another are stronger.

  • Highly Experienced

    We are a team of young but experienced developers who have worked with both private and governmental entities to create software that have been deployed to thousands of people. Because of that we know how to interact with different kinds of restrictions and requests from our customers, as well as meet all of their expectations. We have published a reasonable amount of apps that helped us gain experience with deploying not only web but also mobile apps. This extensive list of apps shows our skills dealing with the apple store/google play store services. The same applies for app development, with the difference that we develop using a technology that allows us to develop, at the same time, your app for iOS and Android, so you will have higher market reach than by hiring any other app development company. One of the app we developed is in the "top 3 selling" app on health category both on Apple and Google Store.

  • Agile and Adaptable

    We are updated with the most recent web technologies and follow the best practices, to hand out web applications that fit the client needs with high standard softwares. We have been working with the highest standards for website responsiveness, speed, accessibility, SEO and user experience from the start, so you can rest easy knowing that your project will beat all of your competitors’ as soon as it hits market. We also provide support and maintenance to ensure continuous improvement of the platform. The direct communication with our clients and the ability to offer multiple alternatives helps us to find problems and solve them earlier/quicker but keep them in line with what the client wants.

Foto do autor Yanik Proulx

Yanik Proulx

- Technical Director

Working with App Masters has been an absolute pleasure. Outsourcing, especially to a company in a different country, is always a difficult decision, but choosing App Masters was the best move we could have made. The entire team is very knowledgeable and extremely dedicated. From day one we have felt like we were working with partners and not simply hiring external consultants.

Foto do autor Patrick L. Perreault

Patrick L. Perreault


On every single project, they have made sure to perfectly understand the stakes as well as the objectives. They never limit themselves to simply following assigned tasks and they keep making insightful suggestions to improve everyone's work and the projects themselves. There are no projects, big or small, on which I wouldn't completely trust App Masters.

Foto do autor Antônio Hoffert

Antônio Hoffert

App Masters was instrumental in making our proof of concept in Distributed Payment Conciliation based on Blockchain technology. Professionals of excellence and easy personal relationship.

Foto do autor Bernardo Almeida

Bernardo Almeida


The attention given to the project by the App Masters team, since the first contact, brought us the necessary security to bring our idea to life. We had (and continue to have) an excellent experience and we can say, without any fear, that technical competence, unparalleled support, and attention to details are the company's differentials.

Foto do autor Turi Souza

Turi Souza

My experience with App Masters has been great. Since the beginning of my project, we have been working together looking for the best experience for customers. The readiness to meet my needs, fulfilling the planning, and bringing productive suggestions for the development of my application is being a great differential.

Foto do autor Laila Hauck

Laila Hauck


My first experience with app development became something much simpler and more enjoyable after the partnership with App Masters. They worked in order to meet my expectations that, many times, were even surpassed. We are very satisfied with the development of the project, and even more, with the results.

Foto do autor Isabela Marzullo

Isabela Marzullo

- Manager

The project was very well developed, becoming essential in our commercial process from beginning to end. The development team sought to understand our demand in detail and created a solution that fully adhered to what we needed.

A Day At Our Office

Based on four important pillars, our team members share what a typical day at our offices looks like.

Client/team communication

I start my day checking the clients messages and taking a look at the current projects to see if the tasks are flowing to the delivery point. I like to check if the guys are following the good practices on projects and if each one has all the information needed to continue his job. Tiago > Project Manager

Tasks allocation

In a typical day we are assigned tasks, we discuss some important details that need to be taken into consideration and start working on it. What I like the most is the sense that even having much less experience that much of my colleagues, I a free to my view on the problem and discuss ways to solve it. It’s a nice way to learn and grow as a professional. Allan > Junior Developer

Collaborative solution finding

We talk a lot between us about what is the best way of implementing a feature between the multiple ways of doing it and everyone is pretty open to change something, instead of enforcing a strict rule. This gives us the feeling of importance and that our voices are heard in the team. Matheus > Middle Developer


My regular work day involves, aside from coding, lots of jokes and laughs, playing around with VR or the Drums, crazy russian music and lots of coffee. What I enjoy the most is the relaxed environment around the office, as it keeps everyone in a good headspace even with the work demands we have. Bruno > Middle Developer

Want to know more about our team? Go check out our instagram page, we promise, you won’t be disappointed by our cool pictures.

Local community of developers

Our company is a pioneer in the region, it is the place where all developers want to be. Having this in mind, we decided to open our doors to the public by organizing events, hackathons or workshops. This increased our notoriety but it mostly enabled us to connect with different people and create a real community of developers. Having such a community is the greatest way of sharing knowledge, recruiting new talents and obviously have a lot of fun.

Our essence

At our core, AppMasters operates on four values, Commitment, Competency, Creativity and Communication. We call it our 4Cs.


Allocate a fully dedicated development team that will provide high quality and short delivery time.


Hiring top tech professionals and provide continuous learning/teaching of newest technologies to our staff.


Brazilian agility and creativity is well known worldwide (jogo de cintura), this is a key soft skill that our workers possess to be solution-oriented and bring customized results.


Great communication between the client/team as well as within the team is key to success. our team is fully bilingual in ENG/PT which allows a smooth understanding.