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We prepare businesses for the future. We launch, accelerate and support web, mobile and desktop solutions. Don't let your competitors get ahead, transform your great ideas into reality today.

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We are the developing team for your business!

We helped dozen of companies like yours to transform their innovative ideas into intuitive, functional and high-quality applications impressing clients, investors and colleagues.

We are experts in software development, revolutionizing and solving problems through high-end web, mobile and desktop applications following the highest standards in responsiveness, performance, accessibility, SEO and UX. 

What makes us the best fit for your company

  1. Fast and continuous deliveries

    Our clients test new versions of their project weekly, so we can obtain valuable feedbacks that gives us the confidence that we are on the right path to a successful product.

  2. Lastest technologies

    We work with the most modern technologies to deliver the best for our clients in software development. Our team is constantly learning new things to keep their knowledge up to date.

  3. Clear communications

    Good communication is vital in getting the best results in software projects. That is why we created a direct and instantaneous Slack channel for communicating with our clients, in addition to regular meetings.

  4. Timezone Overlap

    Brazil's timezones overlap with the US and Canada, making it easier much easier to get an instant response if there is an emergency during the workday.

What we offer

Our team of specialists works hard to build the best digital experience possible

  1. 01Web Development

    Custom Web applications with a focus on UX, responsiveness and attention to detail.

  2. 02Mobile Development

    Custom Android and iOS applications that are fast, intuitive and user-friendly.

  3. 03Desktop Development

    Fluid and intuitive custom desktop applications that perform great in all operating systems.

  4. 04Cloud Computing

    Scalable integrations with APIs and third-party services hosted in the cloud.

More about our services

How we work

Convenient ways to work with us

  • Hire an individual or a custom group of professionals that will be formed by us and will become a dedicated part of your team.

  • Hire a team of dedicated professionals necessary to design, develop and launch your project.

The right plan for your business

  1. 01Schedule a meeting

    Schedule a meeting with us, so we can understand all the details surrounding your project.

  2. 02Solution proposition

    We analyze the necessary workload for the completion of your project and propose a solution with an estimate of costs and deadlines. 

  3. 03Development begins

    Upon the acceptance of the proposal, we gather more feedback and start the development of your project with you.

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We pride ourselves on our ability to adapt to the unique needs of any project. Whether it’s reducing costs through process automation, improving efficiency through the development of productivity tools or even creating new digital experiences for your brand.

What our clients say about us

App Masters' team worked diligently to deliver a working product on-time and relatively within budget. They were extremely accessible and made the overall technical and planning process easy to navigate. As someone with very little development expertise, I found their communication style to be clear and concise. This gave me confidence in their understanding of the product we wanted to develop and their abilities to see the project through to its entirety.

April Dela Vega's photo

April Dela Vega

usa flag

CEO at Breakout Technologies

I always say to anyone I meet with an idea for a website, a platform, or an app, the hardest part about doing that is finding a development team. It's one of those things that whenever you find a really good professional partner, they almost become part of your professionalism and credibility. I love telling people about App Masters, it's one of the safest bets anyone can make about a software development company.

Robert Woods's photo

Robert Woods

usa flag

Founder at Production Innovations

On every single project, they have made sure to perfectly understand the stakes as well as the objectives. They never limit themselves to simply following assigned tasks and they keep making insightful suggestions to improve everyone's work and the projects themselves. There are no projects, big or small, on which I wouldn't completely trust App Masters.

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Patrick L. Perreault

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CEO at Getting to Global

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