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3 reasons why you should opt for software development outsourcing

3 reasons why you should opt for software development outsourcing

In any type of business, three crucial aspects need to be balanced to ensure the well being of your organization: time, expertise, and cost. Reaching the perfect balance between these three can be a hard task especially if you are a small medium-sized company and don’t have the resources big corporations have. Many ways exist to reach satisfying results in one of these particular aspects but there aren’t many magic formulas that allow the perfect balance of the three together. The greatest way to allow this combination to go as smoothly as possible is by outsourcing. In the past years, this practice has gained popularity and is becoming the new normal in the Software Development industry.

Let’s see below how outsourcing your software development allows the perfect combination of these three pillars.

1. Time is precious, save it!

Whether in private life or business, we are always running against time, who never dreamed of having a 48hours day? One of the key factors that differentiate companies that perform well from those who don’t is their ability to invest their time wisely focusing on their core business and delegating the rest. As a CEO, team leader, or HR specialist, you probably have already a lot on your plate and you must already be aware that the recruiting process and the employee’s adaptation time is highly distracting and time-consuming. In this case, outsourcing is a time-saving option that would allow all internal employees to keep the focus on their core activities. By hiring an external team, fast deadlines are set, the app’s time-to-market is accelerated and the competitiveness is increased.

2. Benefit from a higher expertise

It is well-known that the best asset of any company is its expertise in a particular area but it is also the hardest thing to build as it involves various components such as hiring the right people, having good leadership, resources, etc. Companies should be aware that they should not try to be experts in everything as this is exactly how you lose focus and become experts in nothing. As an example, if you happen to have an internal IT team and ask them to do something completely out of their scope, you should keep in mind that they may lack a certain expertise which would imply a huge loss of time in training. The immediate effectiveness of hiring an outsourced team removes this barrier. A software development company is a pool of talented and innovative professionals with a high experience in dealing with all types of requests and in satisfying clients’ needs. As technology evolves daily, hiring an external team provides you with professionals with diversified and newest technology expertise.

3. Keep costs down

When raising the topic of outsourcing, costs always seem like the most pressing point. Some companies’ main drive to outsource is the certitude that they will be cutting costs extensively, which is in most cases true.

It is important to highlight that some of the greatest pool of talents happen to be in countries with lower costs, this could allow your company to make great savings depending on where your organization is located. Some companies on the other hand wish to outsource some of their services because they lack time and expertise but are sometimes refrained by the costs. They have the perception that doing it in-house will allow them to save some money. This is mainly due to the hidden costs not being taken into consideration. Recruiting costs, employee’s adaptation time, training, time allocation, all these are consequent costs that are too easily forgotten.

Outsourcing your software development allows you to first invest your time on your core business, secondly, to achieve innovative and highly competitive app/web solutions and thirdly, keeping your budget tight. All these aspects contribute to the ultimate desired goal: your company’s growth. This article focused on the three main benefits that are the most searched for and valued by companies. There are obviously many more advantages from outsourcing, some will sound more exciting than others depending on your organization’s needs. Before taking on this journey you should evaluate if this is the best fit for your company. Once you made the decision, the most important step is to inform yourself extensively and to start prospecting for reliable outsourcing companies. We often hear outsourcing scenarios who went wrong hence why finding the right trustable partner is the basis for a long and successful collaboration.

Stay tuned for our next blog post that will showcase different tips and best practices on how to successfully outsource your software development and find the right partner.

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