Phormar Mobile

Phormar Mobile

Phormar is a graduation company that despite its longevity, it’s young, fresh and up to date with the newest innovations. That is why when it came to making financial management faster and easier for the graduation committee, Phomar asked App Masters to develop a smartphone app. With the purpose of simplifying processes, Phomar Mobile app allows students to manage graduation funds, and keep track of payment history and the total amount of money raised in real time. The committee has access to noncompliances records, number of users and raising goals.

But these aren’t the only solutions the app provides. To promote conversations between students, it’s possible to check events schedule, search for contacts, create party planning polls, as well as access to an exclusive benefit’s club provided by Phormar. All these functions reduce the need for in-person customer service, contributing to Phormar’s expansion into the digital world. The future is digital and so is Phomar. Phomar Mobile, available on Google Play and App Store.

Development Details

  • 735

    Hours of work
  • 3

    Months to deliver
  • 532

    Commits pushed

Tech detail

React Native was used to develop the application, because we needed to make the app available for IOS and Android simultaneously. That allowed us to publish new versions fastly, using Bitrise for Continuous Delivery.

Phormar's previous system was used as Backend, which was made in ASP.NET, along with a SQL Server database. The integration between the two systems was done using Google Cloud and Postgres database.


The application has brought Phormar closer to its clients, who are now able to follow up with the entire graduation management in the palm of their hand. According to Luiz Henrique Queiroz, director of Phormar, “App Masters was a great partner, bringing different ideas to table and delivering an above expectations result. Attention to detail and focus on our final customer picked App Masters apart from other companies”.