Foto do autor Robert Woods

Robert Woods

- COO at Breakout Technologies

I always say to anyone I meet with an idea for a website, a platform, or an app, the hardest part about doing that is finding a development team and I’ve got the team for you! It's one of those things that whenever you find a really good professional partner, they almost become part of your professionalism, part of your credibility. I love telling people about App Masters, it's one of the safest bets anyone can make about a software development company.

Foto do autor Bernardo Almeida

Bernardo Almeida


From the start, the attention given to the project by App Masters’ team made us feel safe about bringing our idea to life. We’ve had an excellent experience and we can say without a doubt that technical competence, unparallel support, and attention to detail are the company's greatest differentials.

Foto do autor Turi Souza

Turi Souza

My experience with App Masters has been great. Since the beginning of the project, we’ve been working together trying to achieve the best experience possible for our customers. The readiness to meet our project’s needs, strategic planning, and coming up with new interesting ideas for the development of my application is App Masters’ most interesting qualities.

Foto do autor Laila Hauck

Laila Hauck

- CEO at Sama Soluções Ambientais

My first experience with app development became something much simpler and more enjoyable than I anticipated after the partnership with App Masters. They did everything possible to meet my expectations that, many times, were even surpassed. We are very satisfied with the development of our project, and even more, with the results.

Foto do autor Walbet Vianna

Walbet Vianna

Walbet Vianna is a partner in several highly recognized companies in Brazil, he has been an entrepreneur and investor for over 10 years in the areas of education, technology, and health.

I joined Tiago at App Masters because from the beginning, I realized the great business potential in serving customers and delivering solid solutions. We are a team willing to learn, collaboratively share learning, and constantly stimulate the creative search for solutions. The focus on the client and the constant partnership makes App Masters a company with great differential.

Foto do autor Tiago Gouvêa

Tiago Gouvêa

Tiago is a dedicated software development leader with 20 plus years of experience working in dozens of projects from all sorts of industries, He has acquired excellent knowledge in problem-solving and coding in different technologies throughout his career. Not only he is an astounding professional but also a great programming teacher that inspires co-workers and the local programming community.


App Masters' was founded with the purpose of promoting other companies' growth by using software and technology. From the beginning, we decided to work only on a few projects simultaneously so we could give maximum focus to each one and deliver the best solution to our clients. The best part of any project is to see the final result being used by many users around the world and making people's lives easier in the process.

It still seems unreal that three years ago I started App Masters. It was an initial idea that kept growing and growing in my mind. During these three years, like almost any company in Brazil, we have gone through ups and downs, but here we are, firm, strong and growing! I learned that what matters most in business is people. The ones that work with us, and the one for which we work for.

- An excerpt of Celebrating our 3 years of success.

Foto do autor Yanik Proulx

Yanik Proulx

- Technical Director at Perimeter

Working with App Masters has been an absolute pleasure. Outsourcing, especially to a company in a different country, is always a difficult decision, but choosing App Masters was the best move we could have made. The entire team is very knowledgeable and extremely dedicated. From day one we have felt like we were working with partners and not simply hiring external consultants.

Foto do autor Patrick L. Perreault

Patrick L. Perreault

- CEO at Perimeter

On every single project, they have made sure to perfectly understand the stakes as well as the objectives. They never limit themselves to simply following assigned tasks and they keep making insightful suggestions to improve everyone's work and the projects themselves. There are no projects, big or small, on which I wouldn't completely trust App Masters.

Foto do autor Isabela Marzullo

Isabela Marzullo

- Manager

The project was very well developed, becoming essential in our commercial process from beginning to end. The development team sought to understand our demand in detail and created a solution that fully adhered to what we needed.

Foto do autor Bárbara Duque

Bárbara Duque

I attribute the success of our project to the quality of the team, the hard work, the patience, and the persistence of App Masters' Team. The constant dialogue with the programmers was essential for our reached success.

Foto do autor Antônio Hoffert

Antônio Hoffert

App Masters was instrumental in developing our proof of concept in Distributed Payment Conciliation based on Blockchain technology. They are professionals of excellence and very easy to communicate with.