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John Teixeira had 13 years of experience managing a nursing home in Juiz de Fora when he had the idea of the Zelo app. John saw two issues with the elderly caregiver business, families had trouble finding good and reliable professionals while caregivers had difficulty offering their services and finding clients. Thus the Zelo webapp came about, a platform developed by App Masters aiming to bring patients and caregivers closer and promote safe and humanized care for the elderly.

Here’s how the app works: nurses and caretakers register in the platform creating a profile with their experiences and skills. The family requests the type of care they need for their elderly through the app, some patients need special care. Caregivers then show interest in the service and clients can choose between the profiles that fit them better. This way the family has total freedom finding the ideal caregiver for them. This hiring process can take less than 40 minutes, a fast and efficient manner to find caregivers. After the service is done, the client can rate the caregiver and the payment is sent to the professional. All payment transactions happen throughout the app. An easy and safe way to simplify the process of hiring a caretaker.

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“App Masters has many distinguishing qualities, like understanding the clients needs and contributing with ideas throughout the build of the app. It’s natural that us clients have difficulty in explaining exactly what we want in an app, but App Masters team made this communication easier and more efficient”. - Sérgio Mendes - Founder of Zelo