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Willim Airports

Willim Airports

Using a forward thinking proposal to innovate the field of wildlife monitoring registration processes, Willim is an app for airports designed to assist biologists in data control and aviation accident prevention.

Using a mobile device, data collection such as date, time and location of the record is automated. This eliminates the use of clipboards, GPS devices, cameras and physical data files, reducing the volume and time of office work, and decreasing maintenance on field equipment.

The biologists assigned to use Willim can monitor the bird species in the region, controlling the decrease or increase in populations and track the sightings of those species near the airport and also monitor attractive points such as dumps. In the event of collisions with an aircraft, this data is also recorded.

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This information crunched and processed into various reports, required by airports such as the Center for Investigation and Prevention of Aeronautical Accidents (CENIPA - Centro de Investigação e Prevenção de Acidentes Aeronáuticos), National Council of Environment (CONAMA - Conselho Nacional do Meio Ambiente) and the National Agency of Civil Aviation (ANAC -Agência Nacional de Aviação Civil). The app’s goal is to facilitate sending this information by managing, calculating and grouping the data collected in the field into a single platform.



For our first prototype we studied of the information required by the control agencies and analysed the data collected by the biologists. The development took two months from the first day of programming to the date of publication, giving clarity of purpose of the proposed application.

“My first experience with app development became much simpler and more enjoyable after partnering with App Masters. They worked to meet my expectations, which were often even exceeded! We were very pleased with the development of the project, and even more so with the results! ” - Laila Hauck, CEO of Sama Environmental Solutions.

During the design process, our team identified and proposed improvements, which were adapted and implemented as specified by our customer. Similarly changes requested by the customer were incorporated into the system so that the end result was the best possible. Moreover, our work had adjusted to their needs and exceeded expectations through the collaboration between developers and the partner client.

Technical Information

The app was developed using React Native, resulting in native application for Android and iOS.

One concern was how a field user without Wi-Fi or a mobile connection would access the species database and record the information. We have implemented a data synchronization, allowing the app to work fully offline for both querying and including data.