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Vacine Map

Vacine Map

Imagine if you could see from your cell phone all the open vaccination points in the city now, find the closest to home, and even know the size of the queue at each of them?

With the goal of facilitating access to this information, we developed an online platform that brings citizens closer to the vaccination points, presenting all this information in a simple and clear way.

The project came about from a discussion in a group of the Juiz de Fora start-up ecosystem, Zero40, when it was seen that people did not know where to vaccinate in the city, and ended up spending hours in lines at some points, while at others there were no lines at all. It was then realized that a tool that listed the vaccination points would be of great use to the entire community.

The App Masters director, Tiago Gouvêa, met with the Secretary of Development, Ignácio Delgado, and other supporters and concluded that the project was not only possible to be done, but also necessary.

The project was then quickly developed and since its launch in April 2021, the platform has received around 25,000 monthly accesses in Juiz de Fora, and has helped thousands of people to vaccinate quickly and safely.

By seeking places with shorter lines, citizens avoid crowds and are served more quickly. The size of the queue is reported by both collaborators of the vaccination points and by the people in the queue, just by being close to a vaccination point to report the size of the queue.

To help other cities in vaccination management, the Vacine Map tool is open source, which allows any mayor to use the project and use it for free. The repository with the project code is public and can be accessed on GitHub at mapa-da-vacina. The company also offers the platform as a service, for quick activation without the need for technical personnel.

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