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Programmers in Juiz de Fora

Programmers in Juiz de Fora

The technology market is hot and it’s necessary to always be on the lookout for new professionals to join the companies’ teams. This project was born from that demand, the constant need of companies to find developers to hire.

Initially we made sure we understood the pain of the companies when trying to hire and also learned from programmers what they saw that could be improved in the selection process. Because of that the platform has some small details to serve these audiences: it tries to ensure that candidates for a job are always qualified for it as well as not allowing companies to make contact with the developers until they are effectively interested in the job.

“We have been able to accelerate our selection process and find great people for all the vacancies we have opened with the tool. Besides that, all the care taken by the staff and the filters the tool offers help a lot in finding the right professional quickly and effortlessly!” - Rodrigo Nunes – Reportei


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Still on the intention of providing a more effective platform, we created a validation process for the companies that register and the vacancies offered. Therefore, only giving users real and relevant opportunities.


App Masters’ CEO, Tiago Gouvêa, is an important contributor of Juiz de Fora’ developer community as well as part of several groups including running a Google Developers Group in the city. For that reason it was relatively quick to gain the trust of hundreds of developers in the first few weeks.

The companies were also already resorting to our CEO Tiago Gouvea, requesting support in the disclosure of vacancies and mainly for selection processes, therefore the tool facilitated this whole process.

“We were looking for a professional with a Full-Stack background and App Masters helped us define the requirements as well as all the technical evaluation of the candidates. It was a great experience and today we are in plain development.” - Leandro Ribeiro de Almeida - Proveu Electronics Industry

Up to now, we have had a success rate of 82% in the vacancies included. In other words, 82% of companies that listed an offer found the developer they were looking for through our platform.


Only in Juiz de Fora?

We are from Juiz de Fora and this is where we know the most people, so the platform is tied to the city.

However, we’ve developed the whole project in the white-label model which means including other cities in other domains takes only a few minutes, allowing for easy expansion of the tool into other regions.

To expand further we need partners who are highly active in their programmer communities in order to enable rapid adoption by users. If you are interested, contact us.



We were interested in getting more practice with the server-side rendering the use of Node and React, and this project allowed us to use these tools to increase our knowledge.

We opted for a pre-made theme rather than devising an interface from scratch to optimize project time and focus on what was really essential: the logic that indicates whether a developer is suitable for a job or not, and vice versa.

The system uses PostgreSQL database and is operating in Heroku, which guarantees us high stability and availability.