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After the first infected by the new coronavirus arrived in Juiz de Fora, the city secretary Romulo Veiga made contact with App Masters for help with some problems that the Juiz de Fora City Hall could have with the infection and the quarantine. One of the problems was the necessity of a help for the families in vulnerability situation in the city, and the solution will come by an application, which had the development managed by João Baraky.

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The application was separated in four parts: the backend and three frontends, one is the admin panel, one is an app to be used in the store, and a simple landing page, that will allow the family responsible to view the balance in the program and see the partner stores.

One of the worries with the application was the applicability in other cities, as this situation is not happening only in Juiz de Fora, so, in addition of prepare the database structure to deal with more than one city, the source code is available on Github so any city can use it as the solution.

For the frontend we used React and the backend was coded using Node.js with a PostgreSQL database, always trying to keep the code clean, documented and simple for anyone that want to contribute with the repository.

The first version was delivered in only one month, using an simple application that can handle the necessities.