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Good Burger

Good Burger

We conducted a selection process at the end of 2017, where the people who signed up went through a free React training and, in the end, the best was invited to develop a fun project with us here at App Masters. During the development we would validate the candidate, to then hire them to work with us.

As a result of this process Bruno Cangussu and Julio Piubello created Good Burger, an application that ranks the best burger shops in Juiz de Fora, based on users’ opinions.

Development Details

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The idea for the app came from the noteworthy interest of App Masters contributors in hamburgers.


Development and experimentation

The focus was to get to know the developers, introduce them our techniques and standards, which resulted in a minimally useful project. Even in the alpha version we were already using it ourselves, rating the burger shops we went to and learning from it.

Friends’ interest in the project kept us developing it even after the MVP was completed, spurring us to look for a way to make it intuitive and interactive.

Currently the app has diligent users looking for the best options in hamburger shops, and it makes us very happy.

Technical data

The app was developed with React in hybrid form. We have released a web app (which doesn’t need to be installed on the device) and also published a version on the Google store.

The “Administrative Area” and the dispatch of notifications were implemented with Firebase. The backend was made on node with MongoDb database.