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Go Diamond

Go Diamond

Resellers of beauty products such as Herbalife and Hinode deal with many people, make dozens of daily contacts and eventually it becomes difficult to keep up with all of them.

Thinking about this demand that we introduced Go Diamond, an application to facilitate the management of these leads, from the first contact until the completion of the deal. We then developed an MVP, which is available in stores.

Initially the user reports their monthly sales goals, conversion information (such as “I need to make 3 calls to get a visit”) and other metrics in order to help the app track them throughout the month.

Development Details

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Once the lead is included in the app, it will keep track of contacts, meetings and presentations, keeping a detailed schedule of upcoming actions to be taken, always aiming to reach their monthly sales goals.


Subscription Service

Many applications have been converting their business model into a subscription model in order to earn a more significant recurring revenue.

The MVP was developed with the subscription functionality, both in Android and iOS versions. The user can try the application for a few days for free before opting for subscription.

We developed the project using React Native, with a Node backend and PostgreSQL database.