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Fibratech Expert

Fibratech Expert

We developed a system for Fibratech gyms to simplify the acquisition of potential customers and increase the effectiveness of new registrations. The project arose from the need for a more modern process to track these leads, both online and offline, on their journey to becoming a customer.

This customer acquisition was previously done using paper forms. The tracking process was performed manually using excel spreadsheets, which were often outdated. According to Isabela Marzullo, manager of the Alameda location, the Fibertech Expert helps us a lot. Due to the fact that it is a very simple way to manage future customers, by helping the consultants keep up with their goals of making sales and the primary process from start to finish.

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From the moment prospects come in to visit a gym, there is a record of the action. If they were present at the experimental class, if it was well attended, which plan interested them the most and so on until the definitive acquisition of the new customer.

For the purpose of internal use, the system organizes the data of those who visit the gym. A tablet application in the reception area of each gym location tracks the process of these interactions and the well targeted marketing work and as as result the chances of turning them into active Fibratech customers increases.



Our proposal was to create an application to digitize the capture process using a tablet, based on customer data. Also, the use of a “results formula” created by the Fibratech team to propose a program of activities that help the future customer to achieve his or her goals.

After this initial interaction, the contact data is saved and linked to a CRM process. It is then accessible through a web system, directing the sale professionals and following each call made and emails sent, to assist in the completion of the sale.

In addition to tracking processes, the system provides complete statistics of results and achievement of goals at various levels. This allows for quick actions when needed, so that the company is always making the desired sales.

Throughout the project, we pivoted a few times at the client’s request when some unexpected feature was identified as essential and had to be included. As we use SCRUM, changing the product under development is part of the process, as stated in our manifesto. After the first final release, it was necessary to interact with the managers of all units to perform training and follow up on the correct use of the app.


Technical details

The entire project was developed using React, which ensures high quality and performance on all mobile devices. An API was developed on node with MongoDB and is working on Heroku. The administrative area was implemented with React and is hosted on Firebase.