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Export Connect

We worked together with the Canadian company Perimetre to develop the platform Export Connect, which is conceived by Getting to Global (GTG) with the support of the U.S. International Trade Administration and the State International Development Organizations (SIDO).

The platform offer guidance to companies that want to expand internationally, with tools, resources and contacts of experts carefully selected according to each client’s needs, allowing for companies to spend the energy on what is important to their business instead of complex bureaucracies. Besides that, the platform also allows small and medium enterprises to find resources about trade and investment agencies.

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To support a large number of active users, both teams agreed to use a technology stack with Next.js combined with React. This made it possible to apply SEO best practices for each tool available on the platform. Additionally,  Node.js and Sequelize were used for the backend and MySQL for the database. Because we expected heavy traffic on the website due to TV commercial showings, we hosted the platform using Kubernetes, giving it reliable scalability.

With a decentralized development, our developers started the project being managed by the Perimetre’s team. We defined together the project’s architecture and started to develop the project shortly after. Before delivery, we helped Perimetre's team by giving time and support to hire and train local developers to continue the project with the help of our team.

Above all, clear and constant communication together with quality control has been the reason for the success of this project. Respecting deployment deadlines and delivering a high-quality product has allowed a great partnership with Perimetre and App Masters to blossom, which has led to the development of other projects together.

On every single project, they have made sure to perfectly understand the stakes as well as the objectives. They never limit themselves to simply following assigned tasks and they keep making insightful suggestions to improve everyone's work and the projects themselves. There are no projects, big or small, on which I wouldn't completely trust App Masters.

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