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BetterPoster is a SaaS product created by Breakout Technologies Inc, a company that offers digital solutions to membership associations’ events. This software was first developed by Manuel Pineault, a great friend of App Masters. When Manuel could no longer work on this project he referred App Masters to Breakout and we took over the project. Many of BetterPoster's features were already there when Manuel Pineault passed the baton, however App Masters took its time to refine the project, add more functionalities and make sure everything was working smoothly.

This is a digital poster solution to showcase scientific publications in associations’ gatherings and conventions. It simplifies the processes of creating digital posters and sharing them between peers and colleagues. Posters are available for viewing online or on-site 4k displays and kiosks distributed throughout the event. The app’s navigation is fluid and intuitive. Sections of the posters are independably scrollable and can be expandable to display an unlimited amount of content.

With BetterPoster authors can easily create e-posters in minutes and invite others to collaborate by email invitations. Start creating your poster by choosing one of the few poster layouts available. After a layout is selected, authors can add text, links, images, and videos to the sections. Record yourself narrating a section of the poster and have it played when the section is selected by users. Authors can add their personal information and social media links in the biography tab. Every poster has a QR Code that attendees can scan and have access to it online on their phones.

Beyond making it simple for associations’ members to create and share digital posters in an event, this tool ensures all the publications’ posters from one convention follow the same basic guidelines. This standardizes all posters from one convention and helps authors create more professional and eye-pleasing designs.

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About Breakout Technologies Inc.

Breakout is a company that offers digital solutions to membership associations’ events. These include software, project management, and A/V support - such as Digital Posters, Hybrid Meeting Platform, and Recording & Streaming Services. Based in North Carolina and founded in 2020, Breakout is one of the leading companies in its niche.

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