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If you've managed a team of developers, you've probably faced the following situation: A programmer is responsible for certain technology in a software project. Then he accepts a job offer and informs the team that he will leave the project in a few days. Even if the programmer gives the 30-day notice, he will still have a short amount of time to transfer all the details of his part of the project to another developer. Often this second developer will have to learn a new technology completely and it may take days or even weeks for them to become 100% familiar with the first programmer's tasks. This will decrease the team's productivity as a whole and may even affect the project's delivery deadlines.

Another possible situation is a new project is closed by the company. It is identified that the team will have to learn technology X and Y for the development of this project. Remembering and managing the team's knowledge so that all collaborators are prepared for the development of such a project without using any tool can be a very arduous task.

But what if it was possible to track and level the knowledge of team members to reduce or even completely eliminate these knowledge gaps? The Roadmap is a complete solution to these problems, serving as a web-based team knowledge management tool aimed at managers and collaborators.

The idea behind the Roadmap is for the team to include in the system their knowledge about the technologies and practices they work with, so that the manager can easily identify the gaps and prepare the team for a situation where the team is depleted or needs traning for a new project. By including their knowledge in the platform, each member classifies their level of understanding, marks if they have experience working in a certain area and if they can teach that subject. This way, in addition to knowing the levels of knowledge of each team member, the manager can also identify past experiences and who would be able to train the team.

The Roadmap is a complete solution to manage the knowledge of a development team. Team members can include their knowledge of technologies and practices they work with, so the manager can easily identify gaps and prepare the team for unforeseen situations or new projects. The manager creates learning paths based on current projects to train the team and includes each member individually. The Roadmap also serves as an information library, with the ability to include texts, images, videos, or whole web pages for each technology or practice topic. This way, training occurs without the member ever having to leave the Roadmap web application.


Project Development

The Roadmap project arose from frustration in not finding an adequate tool for managing the development team's knowledge within App Masters. We had already used other management forms (systems, spreadsheets, scripts, and even Notion), but none of them was able to reflect the team's knowledge information in a updated, organized and practical way while allowing the creation of learning paths. So, as developers and problem solvers, we decided to put the team focused on this internal project in the spare time between client projects to create a definitive knowledge management tool. So far the project is in BETA stage, but we foresee constant improvements in the platform as we receive feedback on the tool's use.


You can test Roadmap for free for teams of up to 50 members by clicking here and helping us improve the tool even more.

"The Roadmap made it easier for us to understand who the main players are, what training needs to be done, knowledge bottlenecks, and manage learning paths to keep our team constantly evolving."

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