LaunchPad POC Project - App Masters - Web and Mobile Software Development - Brazil


LaunchPad is a presentation management software for events created by Warp Speed Technologies. It’s focused on managing multiple presentations simultaneously in different rooms, making it more organized, efficient and professional. Aside from being a software that monitors all speaker rooms live for real-time support, it simplifies the process of uploading and running presentations by inserting technology into the workflow.

LaunchPad imports event data into the database and displays talks according to schedule. This information is then used to automatically pull up presentations files and start recordings in multiple rooms at the same time. Recordings stop when the application identifies the talk has ended and the video files are uploaded to an internal hard drive or a flash drive. Recordings are seamlessly uploaded to the cloud for backup.

Beyond automatizing processes for organizers, LaunchPad makes it simpler for speakers too. Presentations are previously uploaded to the web using personal computers or a shared computer in the convention’s lobby. When it’s time for the talk, the app automatically pulls up the presentation without the speakers having to do any previous setup.

When installed, LaunchPad configures computers to the correct settings for opening presentations smoothly and performing screen recordings. The app supports PowerPoint files created on multiple platforms, allowing presentations to show up correctly regardless of the operating system used to create them.

LaunchPad has an admin panel where functionalities can be overviewed. LaunchPad’s dashboard shows insights and metrics that help keep track of the event’s progress. Screens can be monitored live for instant assistance if needed, without having the need for technicians to be fiscally present in every room. With a push of a button, technicians can be warned if their help is wanted in a room.

Organizers have complete control over every session room screen. Before, after and in-between presentations screens can display meeting branding, announcements, or even sponsorship info.

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